Visit Nepal 2020 at Her Farm

Visit Nepal 2020 at Her Farm

Visit Nepal 2020 at Her Farm

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January 1, 2020 is the start of Nepal's tourism campaign called "Visit Nepal 2020." The country hopes to attract 2 million visitors in 2020 and is organizing special events and festivals to lure more visitors, you can see the various events on the official website for Visit Nepal 2020. The promotion's slogan is " Experiences of a Lifetime" and that's what Her Farm Nepal has been offering for the past seven years, lifetime experiences and life-changing experiences. Take a look at what our volunteers have to say about the impact their volunteer time at Her Farm had on them at and you'll see that over and over people talk about having a life-changing experience. 

Now, to celebrate Visit Nepal 2020 you can have a life-changing experience at a discounted rate. When booking your time at Her Farm Nepal just enter the coupon code "2020" and receive an immediate 20% discount on your trip. It's our way of supporting Visit Nepal 2020 and you get the benefit of the discount along with your experience of a lifetime. 

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