Women's Empowerment Programs of Her Farm in Nepal

Her Farm is More Than Just a Farm

At Her Farm, the women don't only apply their traditional farming skills.  Here, they are also learning modern, highly-employable skills in the fields of digital and visual arts.  They are training in the production of film, photography, and FM radio, which earns them local jobs and incomes.

Not what you expected?  Learn to expect more from Her Farm.

Community Emergency Center in Mankhu, Nepal

Community / Emergency Center

After the devastating earthquakes of 2015, Her Farm began the intiative to construct an earthquake-resistant emergency center for the entire local community to use as shelter.  The center is equipped with an FM radio station to provide vital communications with other surrounding villages during an emergency.  Learn More  

Event Photography in Mankhu, Nepal

Event Photography & Videography

The women of Her Farm have been putting their new, professional-level photography and videography skills to work.  They're being regularly hired for weddings and other special events in the surrounding communities.  They consistently turn heads when the crowds see nothing but women in traditionally all-male roles.  Learn More  

Film Studio in Mankhu, Nepal

Her Farm Films

Her Farm Films is a project for Nepali women to create stories about the lives of women in Nepal. We create still photography, videos and podcasts that tell of women`s lives in Nepal. All works are created by Nepali women living in the rural farm village, Mankhu.  Learn More  

FM Radio in Mankhu, Nepal

FM Radio Studio

The FM radio station at Her Farm is intended to provide a vital means of sending messages to other surrounding villages during an emergency, while also providing the women a way to broadcast their stories and earn on-air advertising revenue from local businesses.  Learn More