Gap Year and Learning Service at Her Farm Nepal

Gap Year and Learning Service at Her Farm Nepal

Gap Year and Learning Service at Her Farm Nepal

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Planning your GAP year program can be a daunting task. Where to go, what to do, how to spend your time for the best possible outcome? All these questions and finding the answers isn't always easy. Her Farm Nepal has been a popular destination to include in any GAP year program, especially in Asia, because of our commitment to Learning Service. What is Learning Service? At it's simplest level, it's volunteering your time but giving equal, if perhaps not greater attention to learning from the community you are volunteering for. For those new to the learning service idea, it essentially flips the North American concept of ‘service learning’ to emphasise that volunteers need to learn before they can serve. Learning is embraced as a primary purpose of a trip overseas, rather than a by-product, and service consists of humble and thoughtful action designed to do no harm. That's what we do at Her Farm Nepal. Prepare to be fully immersed and surrounded by a unique culture, a different way of life and to learn the reasons why things happen the way they happen because those differences are often the constraints to change and they are very real. We promise, you will get far more than you give at Her Farm Nepal. Just ask our past volunteers HERE.

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