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About Nepal

Nepal's acronym of Never Ending Peace And Love, does well to characterize this nation of good natured and accommodating people; a land of majestic Himalayan scenery comprising eight of the world's ten highest mountains, including Mt Everest: the uppermost place on earth at 29,029ft (8,848m).

Situated between India and Tibet, the Kingdom of Nepal is filled with as many different ethnic groups, customs and traditions as it is diverse in geography. From the hot Indian plains and steamy southern Tarai lowlands, the terrain crosses the Kathmandu Valley and rises to the frozen heights of the Himalayan peaks towards the Tibetan plateau known as the 'roof of the world'. Spread across these varied altitudes are communities of colorful cultures and people (many untouched by modern development), animated cities and towns, and far-flung mountain villages. Life here revolves around an intricate intermingling of ancient Hindu and Buddhist religious rituals. Numerous festivals are celebrated throughout the year colored by a diversity of religious and tribal traditions. The capital of Kathmandu brings an assortment of these different societies together into a vibrant collection of brilliant sights and exotic smells, with modern shops co-existing with street sellers, while pyramidal Buddhist temples, holy Sadhus of the Hindu faith and medieval palace squares fill the urban landscape.

Nepal is well endowed with glorious scenery - verdant terraced valleys, rushing rivers and ice-blue lakes that originate in the 'abode of snows', or Himalayas. The uplifting sight of soaring mountains is a magnet for mountaineers and trekkers, offering some of the greatest challenges and most scenic walking opportunities on earth. Its diverse terrain offers tremendous opportunities for adventurous activities, and although mountain climbing and trekking are the most popular, there is also superb white-water rafting on steep mountain rivers, as well as elephant-back safaris or tiger tracking in the Royal Chitwan and Royal Bardia National Parks situated within the jungles of the southern Tarai belt.

Nepal has many attractions, but the essence of the country is its smiling, friendly people with their heartfelt palm-pressed greetings, and together with its inspiring scenery, this beguiling kingdom is a place where one visit is usually not enough to satisfy the captivated traveler.

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Nepal Climate

The Kathmandu Valley has a mild climate most of the year, situated at an altitude of 4,297ft (1,310m). Summer temperatures range from 67-81°F (19-27°C), and in winter temperatures are between 36 and 68°F (2-20°C). During the rainy monsoon season between June and August, there is an average rainfall of between 7.8-14.7 inches (200-375mm) in Kathmandu. May and June can be very hot and humid until the monsoon rains bring relief. In spring (March to April) and autumn (October to November) the temperatures are pleasant with occasional short bursts of rain, while November to February are dry, but can be very cold, especially at night.

Volunteer Videos

Orientation for Nepal Volunteer Program

The most important things for you to know when volunteering with us in Nepal. This video explains what our work is in Nepal, how you can be a part of it, what other volunteers have done, what you can see and learn and how to be a good guest when in Nepal. Must see viewing for any of our volunteers.

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Visit Her Farm

If your life isn't calm, peaceful, beautiful, and filled with happy people, maybe you need to visit Her Farm Nepal. Her Farm is a 100% woman-operated, organic farm in rural Nepal. There's no place like it on Earth.

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Rural Nepal Volunteer Experience

Volunteers with The Mountain Fund at our homestay, Her Farm, in rural Nepal.

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A Day in The Life at Her Farm

The women of Her Farm Nepal take you on a tour of daily life in the village and at the farm. Her Farm is located in rural Nepal in a farming village. More than 30 women and children live at Her Farm. This is a 100% women-operated organic farm. Her Farm is a healthy, vibrant mountain community where women and children have access to healthcare, education and economic opportunity in an environment where human rights are valued and respected. Her Farm is growing hope for women in the Himalayas.

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