Her Farm

Her Farm is located in rural Nepal and provides a safe place for women to live, farm and thrive. They can control their own destinies by controlling their own land. The women of Her Farm are independent, secure and able to follow their own dreams, reach their own destinies. 

Our Story

My Name is Sunita. The story of Her Farm is my story, but it is also the story of many Nepali women.

I dreamed of this project for years. I don't want any woman to face the heartbreak that my children and I did. Women need a safe place to live where they can support their children. Life is hard for women in Nepal, but Her Farm is the opportunity to be self-sufficient and safe.

Our Mission

Creating healthy, vibrant mountain communities by suppporting programs managed by the beneficiaries themselves. 

Her Farm is a healthy, vibrant mountain community where women and children have access to healthcare, education and economic opportunity in an environment where human rights are valued and respected. Her Farm is growing hope for women in the Himalayas. Her Farm is 100% women owned and operated. The women of Her Farm control their destinies and make the decisions. We interact daily with the surrounding village community to ensure our community development works are in line with their goals, their hopes and dreams. 

Our Causes

With the help of local Nepali people and foreign volunteers and supporters, we create vibrant Himalayan mountain communities with access to healthcare, education and economic opportunities.

A Safe Home in Nepal

A Safe Home

Her Farm provides a safe home for over 30 women and children. Your support help to feed, house, clothe and educate them. 

Our women owned FM Radio station in Nepal

Our women owned FM Radio station

Radio Mankhu is community radio owned and managed by women at Her Farm. Your support helps to keep this radio station operating and creating women's content. 

Jobs for Women in Nepal

Jobs for Women

We train women in film, photography, FM radio production, editing and more. Our women are earning incomes from this training. Help us to train more ! Starting in 2019 we plan to build a training center for women nearby Her Farm in a more populated area to reach more women and girls. Learn more HERE

Our Milestones

30 Women & Children Employed and Living In A Safe Home
300 People With Access To An Emergency Center
12 Children Educated Daily
150 People Visit Her Farm Annually 

Her Farm Women Leaders

Her Farm is a women owned and operated farm in Nepal. The only one of its kind, where women and children live, learn, work and become self-sufficient. Meet the women who are the leaders of Her Farm. 

Become A Sponsor

We need your support to grow Her Farm and provide a safe home, healthcare, education and economic opportunities to more Nepali women and children. Sponsor the women and children of Her Farm. Click a donate button to make a donation today and ensure that we can continue to offer the resources neccesary to create a sustainable and vibrant community.  


30 women and children of Her Farm need medical care, glasses, routine checkups

30 women and children of Her Farm need school supplies, school uniforms

Help us guarantee a safe and secure future for them

Your donations matter ! 



Community Radio SPONSOR

Radio Mankhu is one of the only women's owned FM stations in Nepal 

Our radio broadcasts to women in the surrounding villages

Radio Mankhu 91.1 FM is radio for women, by women  

Support a voice for women and girls. 


Training SPONSOR
  • 8 women are earning incomes from training at Her Farm Films studio
  • Wedding photography, event film, live sound all pay good incomes
  • Many more women want to learn and there are many work opporunities
  • Support real job training for women

We Are Truly Grateful

Thank You for Supporting Her Farm

Volunteer Opportunities

Be a part of our work at Her Farm. Contribute to the education, community development and agriculture that happen here. Join us in Mankhu Village, Nepal and help us build a sustainable community. 

Take a virtual tour of Her Farm

Take a virtual 360 degree tour of Her Farm. 

See volunteers in action at Her Farm

Uplift the entire community through projects that benefit Her Farm and the Village of Mankhu. 

Her Farm Films & FM Radio

Volunteer to work with women in photography, filmmaking, podcasting and our FM Radio. 

Volunteer at Her Farm

Have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to live and work in a rural Nepali community and make a difference in the lives of the women and children of Her Farm. We make it easy to volunteer. 

Simply reserve your place with us, and let us do the rest. Live and work in a beautiful village where life is simple and simply wonderful. Teach in our school or work on any number of our ongoing community development projects. We promise a life-changing experience.

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What Our Volunteers Say

Her Farm News

With our full-time residents, daily visitors, rotating volunteers and generous supporters, there's always something new happening at Her Farm. Read our latest news and events below or click View All News to follow our progression, and help us spread the word about Her Farm. Share our stories with your friends and family to help us create more awareness of the work being done and the difference being made here in Nepal.   

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