Meet The Women Leaders of Her Farm

Sunita Sharma

Sunita Sharma

Founder / Director of Nepal Volunteer Programs

Sunita Subedi Sharma (MacLennan), the founder of Her Farm, was born and raised in Nepal. Her childhood memories are of persecution for having been born a daughter, rather than a son. Since early childhood she's felt, in the most personal and direct means, the oppression that women in Nepal face daily. Later, after suffering domestic abuse in an arranged marriage, she left that marriage and determined to dedicate her life to helping women and children in Nepal to have a better life.

Sunita was chosen by World Experiences Foundation (now called Happy World Foundation) to receive an award for her community service work in Nepal. We are very proud of her accomplishments and of Her Farm Nepal. Sunita also received a letter of accommodation from the State of New Mexico for her service work.

Sunita Sharma receives World Citizen Award